I might be freaking out a little bit

Where did the time go? I have exactly 23 days left of my 20’s.

I thought by now, I would have all of these things:

  1. An awesome career that is both fun yet rewarding.
  2. A hot body thanks to my genuine love for working out and healthy food.
  3. Perfect skin! No more acne!
  4. A respectable hobby or two that’s both mature and exciting.

Instead I have:

1. A boring job that sucks the soul out of me


2. Eating habit of a 12-year-old when parents aren’t home (and as a result, I have gained 25-30 lbs since graduating college)


3. Skin that is now plagued by acne AND wrinkles. WTF


4. Free time that is just watching Netflix & YouTube


I am my own wake-up call. I desperately need my 30’s to be more intentional, fun, and healthy. I am not trying to beat anyone. I am not trying to be the very best.

I just want my 30’s to be better than my 20’s. Does anyone else feel this way? If you’ve already started your 30’s, do you feel like it’s better than your 20’s? If so, how did you do it?

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