7skin method: will it make my skin 7 times more beautiful?

So there’s this thing called “7skin method” that’s been popular on Korean forums since about 1-2 years ago. It’s basically layering a mild, non-alcohol base toner SEVEN TIMES after washing and before moisturizing your skin. From what I could read, people say that it combats skin’s deep dryness (you know that annoying dryness even AFTER you’ve put lotion on your face? Yes, that) while not adding stickiness.

“layer, layer, layer”

So I tried it.

The method itself is very simple. I used Kiehl’s  Ultra Facial Toner after I washed my face at night….and layered away! Each time,  used a dime-size amount of toner and started to pat, pat, pat, pat, pat my face gently. Seven times. It took a long time.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner

Result after 1 try?  My skin felt moist and soft — I almost did not need to put lotion on. After about a week, I noticed my flaky skin on my nose disappeared (to be honest though, I did not always complete 7 rounds of pat, pat. I gave up after about 5 times).


Downside? It takes too damn long. It took me about 10 minutes (I didn’t time it or anything but it felt like eternity) to do the pat, pat, pat until everything’s absorbed x 7.

Another downside is that the toner get used up super quickly with this method…which leads me to suspect maybe a skincare company came up with this routine to increase their toner sale, kinda like how a chocolate company made up Valentine’s Day to sell more chocolates (that’s probably not true, but that’s what I will be teaching my future children).

Overall: It works. I’ts more work than I care to do on daily basis, but it’s a pretty low-effort way to improve your skin, especially if you have dry skin!

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