Intermittent fasting sounds too good to be true

I’ve been kinda slim (not thin or skinny, but just slim enough to pass for a normal-size person) exactly twice in my 20’s. Both times, I went on a crazy weight-loss program that consisted of working out about 2-4 hours a day. Needless to say, I could not keep the weight off…because AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR WORKING OUT 4 HOURS A DAY!

Anyway, since weight loss/being healthier in general is one of the my top goals to have  a better 30’s, I start here: intermittent fasting. See below for my awesome illustration:

16:8 intermittent fast. illustrated by your truly

Basically, you fast for 16 hours straight and eat in the 8 hour time frame. The easiest way to achieve that is simply skipping breakfast. Absolutely NO calories during the fast (which means tea and black coffee is okay).

What does the intermittent fasting promise exactly? The whole world, apparently.


I am excited! Because according to thousands and thousands of people out there in the Internet world say that they’ve lost weight using this method. So here goes. I have my doubts, but I’ve got nothing to lose…but fat, lol.

here’s me drinking black coffee, which I hate

Has anyone tried intermittent fasting? Did it work? Did you hate your life? Did you miss bacon and eggs and bagels?


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