How to destroy your skin in your 20’s

My skin is a hot mess. You wouldn’t know it from afar, but if you get a little closer, it’s seriously in a very, bad shape. I got large pores, pimples, pimple scars, sun spots/freckles, uneven skin tone, aaaaaaand now I also have wrinkles. Awesome.

I must admit though, looking back, I aggressively did terrible things to my skin, so it’s no surprise that I am paying for it now. I got no one else to blame but myself.

Please, forgive me, skin-god. I repent. And this is my confession…

Sunblocks for beach days only.

I always found sunblock to be annoying — it’s sticky and gross when I’m trying to wear foundation on top of it. I hated how it made my face look greasy, so most of the time, I never wore sunblock. Why did I do this? Now I have random sun spots EVERYWHERE.


Eye cream was non-existent

I’ve owned two eye cream products in my entire lifetime, and both times, I never used them, so I threw them out. Sigh. Seriously, this is huge. I was sure I would never get bags or dark circles under my eyes, but time ruins everything. Especially my skin.

Passing out with makeup still on

Because. Alcohol.

I should stop asking why I continued to get zits into my mid-late 2o’s…

actual footage of me passing out after a night out

Going crazy with popping zits and squeezing pores

Oh, the satisfying feeling of squeeeezing the crap out of zits and blocked pores. Other girls painted their nails when they’re bored. I popped those pimples. And now, I got volcano pores! Great.

wanted to add a gif of zit popping but that’s gross so here’s a bubble popping lizard, which is super awesome

I’m sure there’s more stupid things I did to my skin, but these are the major ones. What terrible skin-sins have you committed (or still do)?

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