How to survive a sick day like an adult that you are

I have the curse of The Devil Wears Prada.

Ever since watching the damn movie in 2007 and laughing at the stomach flu joke, I have been getting sick with a stomach flu at least once a year.

…and I am just 25 away from mine

Anywho, this year, I was ready to ride out another round of black death with the usual routine — cry, be in denial, crawl to work sick, cry at my desk while working, throw myself a pity party, throw up in the bathroom, go home, and be sick alone.

But no. Not this year.

I am almost 30. And that means that I am a freakin adult. So I did my sick day differently, and so can you. Here is how:

Just call out sick

Just take a day off if you’re under the weather. Trust me, people at your work DO NOT want to near your while your coughing up a storm. They want you to be quarantined.

Keep the email short 

You don’t owe anyone an explanation. I used to write a detailed email of all my ailments and symptoms, along with a sincerest expression of how sorry I was to miss work. I would even drag myself to a doctor’s office, get a note, and submit it the next day (what is this? High school?). No more. This is my actual email from yesterday:

Hi xxxx and xxxx,

I am feeling unwell today and need to take a sick day. Thanks for understanding.

Sent from my iPhone


Still, get shit done 

I must admit, this isn’t always possible. On Saturday, I spent about 18 hours in bed, completely immobilized. However, if you can move, even a little, be just a teeny bit productive so you don’t completely screw yourself over the next day. What did I do?  I cleaned out the fridge a little. I did my freelance work. I got caught up with my texts with my mom. I made dinner.

Boom. Adulting.

Let others take care of you

Being an independent 25-year-old I was, I used to run away from people who offered to take care of me when I was sick…because being an adult means needing nobody’s help! Right?



Being an independent 29-year-old means taking the help when it’s offered to you. If it’s not offered, ask for it. “But I have no friends..but I have no family here..blah blah blah.”


I didn’t say your best friend had to come sing you a lullaby while stroking your hair. You make money. Use it! Treat yourself. Get stuff delivered to you. Gatorade. Chicken noodle soup. Books. Movies. Delivery man is your best friend now. Maybe don’t let him stroke your hair though.

Aaaaaaand that’s how you, too, can make it through a sick day!

Now I am back at work. Feeling slightly better. But getting through the day is still difficult. If you see me right now, this would be me:


But hey, we’ve all been there, right? What are you tips on surviving a sick day? What if you can’t call out sick? How do you cope?

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