Choco Pie can’t stay in my house

Please don’t bring choco-pie into my habitat. I can’t handle it.

The other day, one of my friends said to me, “But why do you have to eat the WHOLE thing? Just have one each day as a treat to yourself.”

No. Sorry. Doesn’t work like that for me.

If I have something I like, I will eat it till it is impossible to eat it anymore….which is when it is gone. “Just a little” = ALL. Does that make me a weak person with no self-control?

Yes. But there’s a better word for it.

Gretchen Rubin (who, by the way, I love and admire, I LOVE YOU!) discusses as: “Abstainer vs. Moderator” — and I am an absolute Abstainer.  As G says, “I find it far easier to give something up altogether than to indulge moderately.”

So if you love me, please don’t bring anything chocolate, covered/dipped in chocolate, or anything even remotely chocolate-flavored into my home. I will eat it. All of it. And probably cry.

Me eating then killing myself because I hate how much I love food



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