A 30-year-old with acne (still!)

I know it could be worse. But I was promised acne-free skin for YEARS. “You won’t have acne when you’re older.” Okay…so where is my pimple-free skin? How much older do I have to get? It’s like when my mom said that all my fat would go to my height, and it absolutely did not happen.The fat […]

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Parting with my prom dress

If it doesn’t spark joy, let it go, says Marie Kondo. And I guess that why I let myself go. Just kidding. My lovely self does spark joy, but in all honesty,  I have too much junk in my life. So here is my 35463th attempt at trying to declutter/get organized. (disclaimer: this declutter took […]

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3 types of guys you meet on dating apps

I must admit, I barely remember what dating feels like because I’ve become a fat chihuahua napping on a plush bed (aka happily married). But I awoke my inner lioness (who had a pretty awesome dating career in her mid-20’s. Yeah, I’m bragging) to write this post. So read on. There are 3 types of […]

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Intermittent fasting update: yay but not yet

So I started doing a very non-strict Intermittent Fasting (I.F.) back in mid-March. You can read about it here. Now exactly 30 days later, I weighted myself this morning…and surprise! I lost 4 lbs! I am still fat as a giant marshmallow but, this result is with no exercise and definitely cheating & eating breakfast SEVERAL […]

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An adult’s guide to not being an asshole at a wedding

I will start with a little story. When I was a foolish, selfish, 22-year-old, a lovely couple made a mistake of inviting me to their wedding. I RSVPed yes for both the ceremony and reception, then decided the night before the wedding that I wasn’t attending the reception after all. Then what did I do? I […]

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