Parting with my prom dress

If it doesn’t spark joy, let it go, says Marie Kondo.

And I guess that why I let myself go.

Just kidding. My lovely self does spark joy, but in all honesty,  I have too much junk in my life. So here is my 35463th attempt at trying to declutter/get organized.

(disclaimer: this declutter took place about 6 months ago, but I didn’t have this blog then, so I am latergraming it now, okay? Okay.)

prom dress(es)

Why did I hold onto these two dresses…from over 10 years ago? If you’re like me, you hold onto these because you think a) you will wear it again at someone’s wedding and/or b) for sentimental reasons.

But the truth is, no functioning adult should ever recycle their prom dress, and if I wanted to reminisce about my prom, I could just look at the following cringe photos:

Left: Jr. year. Wearing a pink dress, looking extremely tan for some reason. Right: Senior prom. Wore a red Jessica McClintock, looking like a professional bitch

So I donated them away. I didn’t need these in your life. In my 30’s, I should be collecting ugly bridesmaid dresses, so I’m making room for them by letting go of the unfortunate dresses from my teen years.

free makeup

While some free makeup instantly become my favorite go-to item, some (usually an insane lip color) don’t work out as well:

weird lipstick you give me makes me question our friendship

Anyway, over the years, I had accumulated a crap load of  free eyeshadows, lipsticks, sample lotions, shampoos, face masks that I never used. It was time to say goodbye to them all.

books I will never read

This was was hard because as a former loser with no friends, books were my everything.

But KonMari says that books are kinda like magazines. You read em, love em, then you let em go because if they’re not being read regularly, what’s the point of them? Besides, I’ve got real friends now. Like two. At least.

shoes that hurt too much

In high school, I wore heels to go take the SAT. But as a 30-year-old lady of class, I only wear them when it’s rude not to (weddings and bachelorette parties).

The truth is though, I can’t stand heels anymore even though they’re still beautiful to admire. It’s a complicated relationship.

So yes, I sold/donated/tossed almost all my heels. Except for two pairs — one nude and one black — the salt and pepper of fashion. Oh, also all the flat that would make my feet raw — those are gone, too. Yolo. Wear comfortable shoes.


That’s where I started & where I am stuck at. KonMari-ing my whole apartment is going to take some time, and for now, that’s all the inner strength I have.

Who knew parting with old, useless, outdated stuff could be so painful?

Well, if this is you, good for you. You must be very productive when decluttering.

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