“Friends” you need to drop before you turn 30

In your teens years, it’s unthinkable, and in your twenties, it only happens after a crazy fight/drama, but your late 20’s, you begin to make the hard decision of dropping some of your “friends” — aka people who suck the soul out of you, break your hearts, and leave you in ruins.

and I started to ditch people who ruin lives

Not saying that you should give up on people easily, but trust has to earned, and after multiple offenses, you should consider dropping these people.

Dates “leftovers” of their friends

This hoe cannot be trusted with your current or future man because dating friends’ exes is a habit, and it cannot be fixed. Just because she hasn’t done it to you yet, doesn’t mean she’s being loyal to you. You just haven’t dated her type yet.

always insecure AF

This used to be me so I’m an expert on why this friend is toxic. Two main reasons: one, you’re actually enabling them by participating in their pity party that won’t actually improve them, and two, that person is probably dragging you down as well, always focusing on the negatives of life.

Leave her in her ditch of sorrow. When she has no friends to bitch and moan with, she will climb out of it on her own.

“Just a friend” guy (or gal) you flirt with

He’s kinda cute and gives you the attention you crave, and everyone thinks that you’re dating him, but you’re not. You guys have inside jokes and text each other funny memes and gifs during work hours. He shoots you knowing looks across the table when hanging out in a large group and always remembers your birthday. He’s not your boyfriend, but it’s cool, right? You guys are just super close friends. WRONG. He is a parasite of your soul. He is territorial asshole who will be a friend but never your boyfriend, yet he’s gonna be the reason why decent men will never ask you out.

Oh, by the way, YOU cannot get a boyfriend, but he will have no problem getting a girlfriend. And when he does, he will ditch you. So say goodbye to him before he does.

don’t care about your problems & goals

You’ve told her 352 different times how much you’re struggling to pay back your student loan every month, but this deaf bitch asked you to go to a three-$-sign on Yelp tapas place AGAIN? And when you complain, she’s just like:

Um. Okay. Bye.

Obsessed and sorta too much in love with you

She’s the crazy-jealousy-girlfriend of friendship world. She cannot stand that you can have fun without her. If you go to one brunch without her, she will throw a fit (or if she’s more passive, not talk to you for a week without telling you why). You’re not in middle school anymore. Why are you putting up with her?

I’m not saying that all friends must be perfect, but life is short, and there’s limited number of brunches you can eat in your lifetime, so choose your company carefully. And it is totally, absolutely okay to ditch people who call themselves a “friend” but don’t act like it.

For your sanity, wallet, and future relationship, say goodbye to them.

Farewell, crazy bitch

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