5 unacceptable things if you’re an adult woman

What makes you an adult? What makes you a real woman? Not your age, for sure.

Here are some tips and tricks to stop living like a teen and start living like a queen.

Wearing too much makeup

Unless you’re attending a Halloween party, don’t treat your face like an extreme makeover project. And sorry to break it to you, but contouring is so 2016.

Yeah, be ashamed.

As you get older, your goal should be to make your no makeup face pretty darn similar to your makeup face. And you can achieve that by wearing more natural makeup + taking care of your skin. Seriously, nothing screams “I AM SIXTEEN. GOING ON SEVENTEEN” louder than thick foundation and crazy eye shadows and obvious falsies.

Having a crush on a guy for months…for years!


One, as you’re wasting your energy on this guy, your body is decaying and good men are getting married. Again:

Two, if he hasn’t made a move within the 3 months of learning about your existence, he isn’t into you. If you want to, ask him out yourself. You will get rejected and you will be totally fine. Move the hell on.

Wearing cheap underwear

It doesn’t matter if anyone sees it or not. Invest in things that are seen only by you — soul, knowledge, and underwear. Wear quality bras and panties, and you WILL feel like Beyonce. I guarantee you.

When you’re wearing good underwear and the world is not worthy of your awesomeness

Don’t have a lot of $$? Umm, that’s why TJ Maxx exists.

Avoiding men out of fear

Yeah, yeah, heartbreaks, fear, insecurities..getting dumped by that one guy 5 years ago. Blah, blah. Yes, I hear you,


It ain’t gonna kill you to go on some dates. Jeez. While you’re going to the same happy hour to the same bar with the same girls every Thursday – Saturday, girls younger and dumber than you are getting all the good guys.

Getting dumped or having to break it off with someone isn’t your failure. It’s just life happening. Get over it. Put on a dress and go on a date.

(On the other hand, if you’re seriously crippled by this type of fear, you need therapy, and that’s okay. Be an adult and get some help)

Treating your  family like poop

Life is short and everyone is dying.

Depressing? But it’s true.

And most likely, your grandparents and parents will die before you. Be disciplined about spending quality time with them. If you have issues with a family member or two (and who doesn’t?), make an effort to reconcile before they die. Or before you do.


Good luck to you and to me on being real adult women. It ain’t easy, but we’re getting there!


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