PSA: self-awareness is more important than self-love

First, watch this clip; it is literally less than a minute.

I love self-confidence and self-love, BUT we, as a generation, need to be more self-aware.

I realized that I am a crazy gal with an annoying voice who talk too much and is super self-centered when I was exactly 25.5 years old. It changed my life. It really did.

Because before, when someone disliked me or rejected me, I would be all like:

But after realizing who I truly am, when someone hates me, I’m just like:

And I am just so much more grateful for people who remain/become my friends because they’re trying to like me despite all my flaws.

So yeah, if you’ve never had one of these thoughts…..

“Oh, I’m kinda boring and awkward.”

“Oh, I am a selfish asshole.”

“Wow, I am a crazy psycho-bitch.”

“Wow, I am super creepy to girls.”

….you need to start looking at yourself very carefully. And don’t give me the: “Those who truly love me, will accept me as WHO I AM!”

No, nobody likes assholes. Not for long, at least.

That is all.

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