5 fashion/beauty stuff I deeply disagree with

Before you read, I want to clearly state that I DO NOT think that fashion is my strong suit. I honestly don’t care about clothes that much (I am okay wearing the same outfit daily). I also don’t claim to be a makeup expert by any degree. I just know howto do my own makeup, […]

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Monday, Monday, Monday…

Happy Monday! Yeah, okay, just kidding. It’s not a great start of the week. I almost spent $1100 at a vet, had my phone die in the middle of a phone interview, and realized that I have overbooked myself this week. AGAIN. I can’t be the only one who feels utterly exhausted on Mondays, right? […]

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How to be confident when life is crap

People often tell me that I seem super confident because I usually look and act like this on the outside: …but the truth is, I often feel insecure and self-conscious; I’ve just figured out how to talk myself out of it quickly when those feelings creep in. Here is what I’ve figured out: People don’t know […]

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Got a bad boss? Read this

Most people make terrible bosses. And that’s because for the first 20 some years of a person’s life, we are trained to follow, obey, and deliver, and rarely are people truly ready to manage and lead. One of my favorite Podcasts, “Radical Candor” [you can check it out here] talks about how not everyone’s meant […]

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