5 fashion/beauty stuff I deeply disagree with

Before you read, I want to clearly state that I DO NOT think that fashion is my strong suit. I honestly don’t care about clothes that much (I am okay wearing the same outfit daily). I also don’t claim to be a makeup expert by any degree. I just know howto do my own makeup, and that’s about it.

But I am allowed to have an opinion right? Right?

Okay. That’s all. I’m gonna offend some people now. Read on.

In my book, the following 5 are just not acceptable:

Shoes with ribbon around ankles

c607ced5917ab6ec83d3969cc43fcfb1--ballet-flats-ribbon-shoes.jpgAre you a small pink mouse by the name of Angelina Ballerina? If not, please stop wearing these shoes. They look stupid. You’re wearing flats with ribbons attached to it. They are neither fashionable nor functional. Your legs look shorter and/or you look like you have an ankle injury.

Eyeliner all around the eyes

Before the advent of YouTube tutorials and Michelle Phan, us Asian American girls learned how to do make BY READING Seventeen magazines. And we were promised this:


But the end result would sadly be something like this:


And the girl above has big eyes! For whatever reason, black eyeliner all around the eyes will make your eyes look SMALLER, not bigger.

Lip piercing

It looks like herpes. Need I say more?

Sperm brows

Yes, sperm brows — it’s a thing. They’re actually called that. And look:


I would never make fun of someone for having a problem that they cannot fix, but THIS? Everyone has 100% control over their brows! Come on.

sperm brow jpeg

This one is more subtle, but it’s still pretty bad. Stop with these non-sense. Ever since thicker, fuller brows are in, I am seeing less and less of these sperm brows, but I still see them sometimes, and it ruins my day.

Septum ring

This is probably one biggest WTF fashion item. No, I’m not talking about the ones that are cultural. I am talking about a perfectly average, raised in America girl deciding to get her septum pierced “because it’s like, totally, hot.”

If you see an attractive girl with a septum ring, that’s because she is attractive. She could be wearing a potato sack and still look cute. If your hotness level is average or below average, and/or if you have an ugly nose, it’s a terrible idea. You think you’ll look like this:


But you really look like this:


OR like this:


No self-respecting people in their 30s should have a septum ring.

That’s all I got for today, but next time, I might go a bit more into detail about how much I hate weird eyebrows.

But more on that later.

What are you pet peeves when it comes to beauty/fashion?


  1. Septum piercings seem to be everywhere these days! I don’t mind them but they definitely weren’t as popular before. Also I’m not a big lover of wearing that much black eyeliner either. I wear brown these days and just on my lashline because I want every chance possible to make my eyes look bigger.


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