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I am still freaking out (aka I am almost 31)

How the hell did I get here again? I am turning 31 in two weeks. OMG. Where did the time go? How did a year go by already? I’ve done nothing with my life, and I am already (almost) 31 years old. Did I actually make my 30’s better in the last year? Did anything change […]

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Perks of having a terrible job

However, when I say that I have a crappy job that eats away at my soul, please take me seriously because I mean it. 

But there are upsides to everything, and so here are some things I enjoy about having a job that I hate with all of my heart.

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Not the comeback I wanted but…

…here I am. There is no funny GIFs or sarcastic stuff I can say to make this less awkward than it already is. So here it is: I had a miscarriage.  In my post from June, I wrote about how I thought I was pregnant, and how relieved I was to find out that I […]

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