4 ways to deal with a hater at work

Here’s me at work.

over it ugh GIF by The Hills

Except Asian. And older. And sadder.

Anyway, the reason I hate or love work is never about the work itself — it’s always the people. These days, I just don’t have the emotional bandwidth to deal with assholes and their bullshit. Sadly, to be a functioning adult, sometimes we all have to put a “professional” face on and just power through. So here are some tips on how to adult better at work when all you want to do is slap that bitch and quit.

Be polite

marilyn monroe goodbye GIF

Don’t be petty and definitely do NOT give that person any reason to hate you more. You should remain cool and composed. Say hello and goodbye. Even smile time to time. She doesn’t greet you back, ever, but just keep doing it anyway.

Check your student loan balance

Open up your bank account. Are you a billionaire?

Season 2 Kelli GIF by Insecure on HBO

Exactly. That will quiet that tiny little voice that says, QUIT QUIT QUIT, all day long. You can’t afford to quit, so stay and suck it up.

Meet up with a non-work friend during lunch

i love you hug GIF
Me when I see my friend after work

Remind yourself that there are people who are actually kind, funny, and amazing outside of the office. Work is just one aspect of life. That coworker you annoys you daily IS a real problem, BUT you also have real friends when you clock out.

Ignore her

It’s really difficult to do, but besides the bare minimum to get the work done, ignore the person and don’t interact. I made the mistake of trying to be nicer and trying  to engage with the devil child, but now I know that it doesn’t work. The person already decided to hate you. Nothing will change their mind except for Jesus. Or amnesia. Are you Jesus? Are you skilled enough hit her over the head with an heavy object, causing a semi-permanent memory loss but not any other serious injury? I don’t think so. The solution then, is to ignore. Don’t try anymore. Don’t analyze.


It’s just a job after all, ya’ll. Honestly, if it gets too crazy, report that person to the HR. There’s no need to put up with someone who is still stuck in the middle school drama mentality.

amber rose whatever GIF by VH1
Me on my last day of work…Looking forward to it

Do you have anyone at work who is difficult to deal with? Any tips you can share?


  1. I deal with patients all day long. I don’t think I have ever seen so many ass holes in one place. Damn people are ungrateful ass holes. Managers too ! Lazy coworkers. Unfortunately they surround me


  2. It can feel so draining finding an adult version of a member from “Mean girls” in the work place. I’ve had a few jobs over the years and was often disappointed that some people cannot leave high school behind.

    Ignore – yes to that! Often easier, said than done.

    The worst I find is fake friends in the work place. Because when someone runs their colleagues down but pretends to be nice to their faces, you know the same is being done behind your back. It is the same toxic person who if anyone makes any comment (often harmless) will run to tell you ” x said this about you” so you doubt x instead of the two-faced energy vampire pretending to be your friend.

    But the wheel turns and people can’t fool others forever. I learnt years ago to just avoid (when possible), smile politely and make minimal chitchat to the height of toxin. If you are cold or distant you can be assured that the whole office will be told how you are the one with the problem.


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