21 questions while trying to get pregnant

Trying to get pregnant (aka TTC, trying to conceive) brings forth all sorts of crazy thoughts and insecurities to the main stage of my life. I am always a little unstable, so I might as well share with the world all the questions I have in my brain all.day.long. The main one is probably this:

alicia silverstone love GIF by Paramount Movies

And here are the rest:

  1. Why is everyone pregnant?
  2. How am I 31 years old already?
  3. Why am I always nauseous?
  4. Why are all the crackheads getting pregnant so easily?
  5. Should I try crack? Does it increase fertility?
  6. Do I have PCOS or am I just fat?
  7. Is there something wrong with my opks?
  8. Does my husband have weak swimmers?
  9. Maybe my husband accidentally fathered a child before we got married??
  10. Where is that baby? I will raise the baby as my own!!
  11. All these crazy thoughts… Am I going insane?
  12. Will I cry today at work? Who knows!
  13. Is it crazy to relate to people who steal babies?
  14. Why did my baby not make it past 11 weeks?
  15. Are my CPs really “nothing to worry about” or is my OBGYN an asshole?
  16. Is it normal to have 22 day cycles AND 40 day cycles?
  17. Am I having sex all wrong?
  18. Why is everyone telling me to relax?
  19. Am I allowed to punch them and plead insanity?
  20. Will I ever become a mama?
  21. How will I handle it (all over again) if I have another MC?

That is all for now. I am so, so tired from it all.

tired good night GIF

And to think that I was always terrified of getting pregnant by accident. LOL.

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