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Less brunches, more travels

I don’t regret any of the guys I dated in my twenties, but I totally regret not traveling more. Why didn’t I travel more while I looked young and fresh and thin? Of course, my excuse was always that I was broke and couldn’t afford it. But I know what the real reasons were, and […]

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5 obvious ways to save money at work

My job is super average. Decent benefit, decent hours, and low pay. You know, the average, crappy job that a person takes when she has a crazy amount of student loan. So in order to make this “career” a little more exciting, I have given myself a challenge  to try to increase my own pay by […]

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I need to stop eating my money

I love food. And I love breaks. That’s why I love lunch breaks. I also usually get some sort of noodle dish — something I try to stay away from — because I love em and they are life. But something I’ve been in denial for months is how much I am spending on these lunches. […]

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