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21 questions while trying to get pregnant

Trying to get pregnant (aka TTC, trying to conceive) brings forth all sorts of crazy thoughts and insecurities to the main stage of my life. I am always a little unstable, so I might as well share with the world all the questions I have in my brain The main one is probably this: […]

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I am still freaking out (aka I am almost 31)

How the hell did I get here again? I am turning 31 in two weeks. OMG. Where did the time go? How did a year go by already? I’ve done nothing with my life, and I am already (almost) 31 years old. Did I actually make my 30’s better in the last year? Did anything change […]

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I was a mom for 24 hours

So after getting off of birth control (because I was having too many issues with them after switching), I thought, hey, I should be careful — I might get pregnant! LOL, wouldn’t that be funny. Then it happened — I was late. 6 days late to be exact. For the first 2-3 days, I said […]

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